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      The Cotton Rich Flexi-Pocket Futon Mattress is a supporting mattress with a pocket spring unit offering long-lasting comfort and soft support.

      Cambridge Futon design and make many types of futons using special cotton filling, latex, coir fibre and pocket springs, various futons to suit all needs. Most of our special futons are thicker than the standard and are therefore for use on a bi-fold (3 seater) or bed bases.

      However, we have been getting many requests for tri-fold (2 seater) mattress that is more comfortable as a bed. These are used on futon frames that are more compact than a three seater and tend to go into smaller rooms including bedrooms and loft conversions.

      The Cotton Rich Standard Futon Mattress comes with our Cotton Rich filling. This gives a fresh look and feel with a natural Cotton aroma making the Cotton Rich upgrade a very popular option as Cotton is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

      The Cotton Rich Flexi-Pocket Futon Mattress contains the following layers:

      • Wool
      • Cotton Rich Felt
      • Cotton Rich Felt
      • 1 inch Pocket Springs
      • Cotton Rich Felt
      • Wool


      Small Single - 2'6 x 6'3 / 76 x 190 cm

      Single - 3' x 6'3 / 90 x 190 cm

      Small Double - 4' x 6'3 / 120 x 190 cm

      Double - 4'6 x 6'3 / 140 x 190 cm

      King - 5' x 6'6 / 150 x 200 cm