Natural Futon Mattresses

Futomats bought to you by Cottonsafe® Natural Mattress

Our unique Futomats are exclusively designed for bed use.

Naturally fire retardant but most importantly chemical-free, with our Cottonsafe® quilted mattress cover and a choice of luxury fillings, this is the recipe for the perfect safe nights’ sleep for the whole family!

By using our signature Cottonsafe® quilted mattress cover, made with the best organic cotton and natural wool, you can have the ideal and naturally safe futon mattress.

Our organic cotton has no chemical treatment in the growing or processing. Often cotton has been sprayed with pesticides and insecticides, dyed using a variety of compounds and often treated to make the fabric easier to manufacture. All these substances can off-gas and have been found to be detrimental to human and animal life. So, we have developed this unique blend of natural fibres which have been woven here in the UK at a leading British cotton mill.

• Our Futomats are completely safe and tested by a UKAS certified independent testing house to conform to UK fire regulations.

• Futomats use Cottonsafe®, our own trademarked fabric which is naturally fire-retardant with no man-made fibres and NO ADD ON TREATMENTS, COATINGS OR CHEMICALS on the inside fillings or on the outer cover of the mattress. Our Futomats contain no toxic chemicals that can be inhaled or absorbed.

• Each mattress is handmade to order, quality assured by our craftsmen and tufted for perfect results.

For more advice about chemical free Futomats contact us.