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      Handcrafted at our factory in WoodburyIntroduction from Mark Dowen

      Welcome to the Cambridge Futons retail website. I've been in futons for over 30 years and 10 years ago I set up Cambridge Futons. As the mass market expanded the UK and prices dropped, so did the quality of futon mattresses. When we set up Cambridge Futons we wanted to introduce a luxury handmade, thicker, more comfortable futon - something that was great to sleep on as well as being really comfortable as a sofa. So our aim is to produce superior quality specialist futons, with unique designs and top quality frames - a futon to enhance any home, office or study which is a pleasure to sit on, feels comfortable to sleep on and is still great value for money.

      Despite keeping our name we have moved to Woodbury near Exeter where we have a larger factory unit. Be assured - look for the Cambridge Futons label on our mattresses which is a mark of our commitment to quality handmade products, made here in Devon.

      And rather than simply wholesaling our products, we are also proud to bring our products directly to you the customer.

      Futon is a Japanese word meaning bed roll. The product itself originated in China thousands of years ago. The idea was that when you finish sleeping on your mattress during the night you could then roll it up and store it in the cupboard during the day. Then futons began to be sold in America where people sleep differently - they sleep on their sides and therefore they have more pressure-points on their sides and hips, so futons had to become a lot softer and fatter. Then people combined the mattress with a wooden frame so you could then change the mattress into a seat. This meant that you could use it in the day as a seat and use it as a bed at night - so it became a sofa-bed basically. The old futons were made of cotton, but cotton had a habit of matting down, getting harder and harder so nowadays we put a little bit of polyester in it and that stops it actually matting so it remains soft. It means you can use it regularly without having to beat it or roll it. We now offer a huge range of specialist mattresses - over fifteen different styles from traditional futons to bespoke futons and bed mattresses - to meet the ever increasing demand for quality products.

      I am on a crusade is to fight against chemical fire-retardants which research across the world shows damages people's health and the environment. I have spearheaded the development of naturally fire retardant material with a fabulous woollen mill here in the UK. Our Cottonsafe®, Pure Choice and Futomat fire-retardant chemical free mattresses are a HUGE step-forward in keeping our customers informed and safe.

      And now I'm really pleased to be able to offer futons which are also meet UK fire regulations for the higher spec sofabed tests. We are the ONLY futon manufacturer in the UK able to offer this option using our trademarked material and some unique colour options. Our futons are made from Organic Cotton and Pure Wool so a truly natural and chemical free futon.

      My expert team at Cambridge Futons will offer you a top quality and superfast service - contact us today for any help and advice from the futon and chemical free mattress specialists!