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      Three Seater Bifold

      Three Seater BifoldA practical folding three seater bi-fold futon sofa bed is a stylish yet simple option for everyday use as a comfortable sofa which easily converts into a bed. The futon sits in an "L" shape on the frame, with one half as the seat section and one half as the back cushion.

      We offer the widest range of handmade luxury bi-fold futon mattresses. It's the ultimate choice for comfort with a three-seater sofa bed. Whether you are using it occasionally as a bed, or nightly we can advise you on your choice. With a great range of fabrics, from cotton drill to sumptuous chenille or our own chemical free fabric Cottonsafe®, you can customise your futon mattress to suit your colour-scheme.

      Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced staff are here to help you with any of your futon mattress buying questions, so if you need any advice.