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      Futon Sofa Beds

      Our fabulous two seater futon sofa beds are great space savers. If you’re looking for an extra 4’6 (double) bed for visitors, or a bed to use every night, our two seater futon sofa beds are a great solution at a price that won’t make you lose any sleep. When you are not using it as a bed, it becomes a fabulously comfortable sofa. Our Pangkor Futon even has built-in storage for pillows and duvets too.

      Our three seater futon sofabeds are simplicity itself – so easy to convert from sofa to 4’6 double bed. A practical folding sofa bed can be used every day, both as a comfortable and stylish sofa and then very simply converted into a bed.

      We offer the widest range of handmade luxury bi-fold futon mattresses for ultimate choice of comfort level with a three-seater sofa bed. Whether you are using it mainly as a sofa and occasionally as a bed, or mostly as a bed we can advise you on your choice. With a great choice of fabrics, from cotton drill to sumptuous chenille and our own chemical free fabric Cottonsafe®, you can customise your futon mattress to suit your colour-scheme.

      All our handmade futons come with free delivery, direct from our factory. If you have any questions please contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff.


      Oslo Futon Sofa bed Oslo Futon Sofa bedOn Sale
      £295.00 £415.00