Fashionable Futons?

Fashionable Futons?

We’ve introduced a new fabric to our range, available in over 30 different colours our new Carrera fabric is made from 100% Cotton.

Beautifully soft, this washable, natural fabric can be upholstered for any of our Futon Mattresses and is free from any of the fire-retardant chemicals you find in most Futons and Sofas.

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Futon’s seem to have become more of a “classic” item rather than some of the more fashionable furniture systems we see in our homes today – but don’t write them off just yet.

Futons remain one of the most innovative space saving sleep solutions for small spaces the world over.

If you’re not blessed with bedrooms five and six ready for impromptu guest stop overs, then futons offer multi-purpose room functionality. These clever sofa bed alternatives are ideal in your home office, playroom or a student pad – our Flexi-Pocket Futon Mattress was quite frankly lifesaving in the nursery during those early months of sleepless nights when our boys were tiny and now its great for sleep overs.

Futons are also a great alternative to a bed mattress when the budget is a bit tight – our range of Futon Mattresses have been designed with longevity in mind and with options available in both firm and medium tension you don’t have to forego on the comfort. We recommend our Pocket Sprung Futon Mattress for regular bed use.

Our Futon mattresses are designed to be rolled up, so they’re easy to store and transport. After spending so much time at home through the pandemic lots of our customers filled their time converting vans ready for the freedom to travel again, our Standard Futon Mattress is an ideal bed option for a small travelling space.

With natural fibres & textures set to continue trending the interiors industry for 2023, whether you're into natural neutrals, balanced blues or sunset hues, bringing a touch of Carrera into your life can only be a good thing!

Need a bespoke size? No problem - we make bespoke Futon mattresses, ideal for tricky spaces and unconventional frames, just get in touch with Jessica or I to discuss your requirements. Can't find the colour you're looking for? We've picked our favourites, but we've got lots more to show you.

Stay comfortable,

Rebecca x

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