How to tell the quality of a futon

How to tell the quality of a futon

There seems to be two ways to sell futons - by layers or by weights (the Japanese way).

In reality customers seem to think it's the number of layers inside a futon which will give it the best quality rather than the complexity of the fibre content and the weight. We find futon customers are easily misled by the claim that a mattress has a large number of layers means that it must be good quality.

The best way to judge the quality of a mattress is by understanding the fillings and the weight. Some of the futons available through supermarkets and large retailers can give futons a bad reputation. Poor quality fillings can result in a disaster of a mattress, no matter how many layers of the filling are present.

Cambridge Futons pride themselves in constructing a futon mattress which, even with regular use, will keep its shape and comfort for many years, whether you choose a standard, twin-loft or specialist futon. We are not about creating mattresses which will simply last a matter of months before it ends up in landfill site!

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