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Slumber Support

"Hi there,

I bought one of your Slumber Support Pillows at the beginning of October, and you asked for some feedback. I wanted to give it a really good field test before I did!

At the time that I bought this I was suffering from osteonecrosis in the left hip and awaiting a hip operation which had had to be delayed due to a broken ankle! I was already experiencing trouble sleeping - Despite every effort and quite a lot of expense, I simply could not sleep on my back (or sitting up) no matter how exhausted I was. I had previously tried out a large bolster pillow to support the damaged hip, which had been effective at first, but as the damage and pain got worse, it was becoming less effective as it wasn't supportive enough. So after a fair bit of searching on line, I finally came across your site and the Slumber Support Pillow.

This has been a dream! From the moment I got it, I have had nights of wonderful refreshing sleep. It provided more than enough support for the damaged hip to enable me to sleep on my side for the six weeks before my hip replacement. The level of pain was significantly reduced due to the support it offered - nothing will eliminate the pain from severe osteonecrosis, but it provided a level of comfort that was critical.

I had my hip replacement on 8th November, and I am now five weeks post-op. I have had a remarkable recovery from the operation, and have been pain free from the surgery immediately and ever since. This was a welcome surprise! But ever since discharge I have had the comfort of knowing that I didn't even need to think about lying on my back, and have used the pillow throughout. I have had a full night's sleep every single night, which I am sure has been a massive contribution towards my recovery - and was, very unexpectedly, discharged by the surgeon after only two weeks (until my annual checks, obviously). There isn't a magic bullet that will make everything go swimmingly, but I am convinced that the fact that I have slept so well has been a major factor in me being able to recover so quickly and so completely. It is obviously still early days for risk of dislocation - but I have complete confidence in my pillow, and if it does happen it won't be a result of anything I do asleep!

My advice to people is to get it sooner rather than later and start using it. There were two things that I found took a little bit of time to get used to. If you have damage or surgery on one hip (obviously it can't help if there are two!) then it does take time to get used to not being able to turn over. You do have to be a lot more stationary in your sleep than I am used to being. There's no turning over onto the other side! What I found helpful about this pillow was that it prevented me from doing so - which the bolster previously hadn't - because it is a bit of a faff turning and you certainly aren't able to do it unconsciously. That's a good thing - but some people like me will need to get used to that. And now that I actually can sleep on both sides, it's a whole new game learning how to turn without crossing your legs, by keeping the pillow between them all the way through the turn.

In terms of functionality, I simply couldn't fault it. I wouldn't improve anything about it. It is exactly the right size and shape to provide confident support. My only gripe is that I would have liked it in a shade of purple to match up - but I can live with bleached cotton!

I can happily say that this has been THE most cost-effective and useful tool that I have bought out of everything I got to support the hip replacement. Some of the things I tried were an enormous waste of money and never worked at all (all the things I had for trying to sleep on my back, for example!). Others I have not used much. But this has been used every single night and I have no regrets at all in my purchase."

B. Logan

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