Cocoloc Filling

Cocoloc Filling

Cocoloc is made purely from natural coconut fibres and natural latex. The fibre is collected from the coconut husk, a resource that is widely available. Coconut palms grow on 10 million of hectares of land throughout the tropics.

CoconutOnly a fraction of the huge quantities of nuts are collected for industrial use. The food industry is the main consumer, and it focuses on the coconut meat, jettisoning the fibres as a waste product. Our UK suppliers give these valuable raw materials a new purpose in life.

Coconut fibre has a very high lignin content so it is very tough. Despite this toughness, it is also elastic. The fibre hardly deteriorates at all over time. To make the fibre resilient and to make it possible to create very open and ventilating structures, we spin the fibres into ropes. These ropes are transformed into sheets and then sprayed with natural latex, juice from the rubber tree, to provide structure and elasticity.

The latex that we spray on the coir sheet is inherently hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite-resistant, making it perfect for allergy sufferers. Natural latex is a fully renewable material. Coir is a product that is naturally adapted to the human body. We feel comfortable in coir, just like we feel comfortable in wool, cotton and horsehair. The difference becomes quite clear when we put on, for example, a shirt made of polyester.

Its open and resilient structure allows Cocoloc to create a good micro-climate (which is an advantage with mattresses, furniture, car seats, filters etc). The structure also absorbs sound and certain waves, making the material excellent as a thermal and acoustic insulation product. Cocoloc can be treated with natural additives to meet a range of international fire retardancy standards.

Our UK suppliers use natural latex as a binder and resilience enhancer. They like to take care of nature as much as she takes care of us. Our latex is 100% natural, is completely biodegradable, uses a lot less energy in production compared to synthetic rubber, and uses no health enhancing chemicals or masking agents.

Benefits of Cocoloc

  • 100% Natural - Coir is made from Coconut Fibre and Natural Latex.
  • Naturally Breathable - Coir products are naturally breathable and ideal for use in mattresses where air flow is critical.
  • Durability - Use of coir products in composite mattresses enhances its life.
  • Pest Resistant - Vulcanisation at high temperatures make coir products highly durable and resilient.
  • Resilience - Coir provides natural "spring action" without the use of metal springs, thereby adding a layer of comfort to the mattress.
  • Eco Friendly and Renewable - Coir is not petroleum based or synthetic - it is extracted from nature without disturbing the Ecological balance and can be easily recycled.
  • Optimum Spine Support - The resistance offered by a high density coir mattress against the body is uniformly distributed - eliminating high pressure points as in spring mattresses.

Application of coir on sprung mattresses as insulating material has many advantages over usage of conventional padding like foam:


  • Coir pad is a natural product. Hence, the passage of air circulation is easier compared to the conventional padding.
  • The inherent toughness of coir couples with spray of natural latex results in a product of much higher resilience when compared to conventional passing.
  • The pocketing of top layer padding is avoided because of the natural resilience of the coir pad, thus increasing the durability and life of the mattress.
  • Because of its inherent nature of elasticity, the coir pad will give an added cushioning to the mattress.
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