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      First quality clearance 5' futon mattress (mattress only, no base) with our TradLux filling and a Oyster Chenille cover. 

      Original product description below: 

      The 4ft 6in and 5ft (double and king) TradLux futon mattresses are bi-fold mattresses & are perfect for use in a 3-seater frame or for use on a bed frame.

      The TradLux futon mattress is also available specifically as a bed mattress.

      All our futon mattresses are handmade at our factory in Devon.

      The TradLux futon mattress consists of the following filling layers:

      The Cambridge Futons TradLux or, "Traditional Luxury" futon mattress is made in the traditional way using 2 layers of wool, (one at the top and one at the bottom), and 6 layers of thick, high quality rebound felt in between.

      The TradLux futon mattress' rebound felt can be upgrade to our Cotton Rich Felt gives better airflow & temperature consistency (cool in the summer & warm in the winter). With the Cotton Rich Felt filling your new Futon mattress will have a fresh look and natural Cotton smell making the Cotton Rich felt upgrade a very popular option.

      Please note: Because of the extra thick layers used, this futon is quite heavy compared with some other futons.


      Single - 3' x 6'3 / 90 x 190 cm

      Double - 4'6 x 6'3 / 140 x 190 cm

      King - 5' x 6'6 / 150 x 200 cm