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      The Slumber Support alleviates pain by giving gentle support. It is an ergonomically designed pillow to support your hip, knee and back whilst sleeping on your side. Designed, manufactured and registered as a medical device in the UK.

      It's also a fantastic help to those that have would like more comfort and support during sleep.

      Usually next day delivery*

      How can the slumber support help me?


      The slumber support can be used to support your hip from beneath whilst sleeping on your side. In addition it may be used post-operatively allowing the patient to lie on their side significantly reducing the chance of adduction.


      May be used to alleviate lower back pain with referred symptoms into the leg, by maintaining the lumbar spine in a neutral position and preventing the supported leg rolling forward so putting a torsion on the lower spine.


      To support your knee from below, helping it from medical movement whilst sleeping on your side.

      Now recommended by Physiotherapists and Consultants at The West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds, Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge and the Physio team at Ramsey Rivers Hospital in Sawbridgeworth.

      Dimensions: 45cm x 96cm x 10cm (One size only)
      Filling: Polyester Fibre
      Colour: Natural Cotton Drill
      Cover material: 100% cotton (Dry clean only)

      Please note:

      For reasons of hygiene, Slumber Support cannot be returned once the packaging has been opened,unless there is a manufacturing fault. Your statutory rights are not affected.

      Slumber Support is a LARGE cushion which is designed to keep patients stable on their side whilst keeping the operated leg parallel to the bed and fully supported (see the picture). The size of the cushion is important as it anchors the patient safely on their side, reducing the chance of adduction whilst sleeping. A smaller cushion would not achieve this.

      Post-operative use of this product should only be undertaken after professional advice from a qualified surgeon or physiotherapist.

      *Next day delivery when ordered before 10 am. Monday to Friday only.


      Background information from Mark Dowen, Designer of Slumber Support:

      "At the end of 2009 I had a full hip replacement. Luckily I had an excellent surgeon and despite my worries everything went far better than I thought. After a couple of days I was walking and started exercising. Although the wound was a little uncomfortable it did not prevent a speedy recovery. Like all patients I was told to sleep on my back with a wedge between my legs. The first two nights were not too difficult as my body was full of anaesthetic and I felt pleased to be doing well. I returned home under strict instructions not to do lots of things – one of which was to remain sleeping on my back for the next six weeks. I understood why – to prevent the risk of abduction of the new hip joint, however in theory this sounded plausible but in practice it proved impossible and here started the worst part of the entire ordeal. Like most people I sleep on my side and now with the extra discomfort and lack of sleep this became an obsession so no matter how hard I tried to sleep on my back it was virtually impossible.

      After a week of almost total sleeplessness I was beginning to understand the term sleep deprivation with all its side effects. In desperation I went to see the physiotherapist who seemed to understand the problem as most of her full hip replacement patients suffer similar sleep difficulties. She suggested I use a couple of pillows between the knees. Unfortunately the lozenge shape of the pillows meant that they would easily squeeze out from between the legs and the length of the pillow did not support the full leg, ankle and foot. The width of the pillow made it difficult to alter any leg angle and if you needed to change the position at night the softness made them very difficult to adjust. Another week followed of little sleep and hours fighting with the pillows (and, by now, a grumpy and tired wife!).

      To save my sanity, something had to be done! Fortunately my company manufactures various forms of mattresses, so I went to work designing a very simple support that would fit between my legs, keeping my legs completely separated, wide enough to allow the lower part of the legs to move without coming off the pillow and long enough to support the thigh, knee, calf, ankle and foot even when moving in sleep. We used a special dense vertical weave polyester to give maximum support and comfort to the weight of the leg but stiff enough to move up, down and sideways. We added a handle to the top to make positioning even easier. To keep the cushion in position during sleep I used a loose fitting waist belt with simple Velcro adjustment. I consulted my physiotherapist throughout the design process for advice as I obviously did not want to risk any injury or harm. Within a couple of days I had something highly effective and easy to use and for the next four weeks I was able to sleep safely and comfortably on my side.

      Since my operation I have spoken to many people who have undergone the same procedure and suffered from sleep-deprivation. Any quick search of the Internet shows how many people this affects, as there are now thousands of hip operations each year.

      I felt so strongly that there were no appropriate hip support products on the market that I have further developed the Slumber Support by registering it as a medical device and gaining a CE mark on the product. I understand that most surgeons want to reduce the risk of abduction to zero, but this has to be balanced by the quality of life and period of recovery of the patient who shouldn’t be expected to manage without sleep for six weeks."

      Customer Reviews
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      Susan M.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      Slumber support for painful hip

      As recommended by my orthopedic surgeon I purchased this for post op use. I'm using it immediately and am getting much relief from arthritic pain in my hip and knee before surgery - I love it and thoroughly recommend it. Excellent delivery service - arrived the next day.

      Michael B.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      Too long for my wife to use easily.

      Purchased this for my wife but did not realise how long it was. She gave up without using it for one whole sleep. She is only 5ft when she is at full height. It is now awaiting use by whoever may need one in our extended family. Suggest you make them in a different lengths and let the customers choose.

      Cambridge Futons

      Thank you for your honest review. As this is a medical device we have to be very careful to ensure the safety of our customers. The Slumber Support is a large cushion which is designed to keep patients stable on their side whilst keeping the operated leg parallel to the bed and fully supported (see the picture). The size of the cushion is important as it anchors the patient safely on their side, reducing the chance of adduction whilst sleeping. A smaller cushion would not achieve this.

      Anna B.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      Hip Replacement

      I recently had a hip replacement and wanted to sleep on my side . This was amazing and really comfy and makes you feel very safe sleeping on your side . Would definitely recommend

      Sue D.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      at last I could sleep

      My back was killing me after having to lie flat on my back after total hip replacement. I got very little sleep which is not the best situation for healing to begin. After 2 weeks my surgeon said that I could sleep on my side with support. This pillow makes me feel secure that I will not roll and put my operated hip on the incorrect position. At last I am getting some solid sleep which makes all the difference in the healing process.

      Tracey J.
      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      Slumber support

      Love the support and has helped me after my severe trauma hip replacement. I wish I had bought it earlier as I didn’t sleep for 6 weeks after my op. I don’t use or like the belt, I don’t think it is necessary as the support is large and so stays in place.