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      The Ultimate Futon Mattress is ideal for 3 seater futon frames. It gives a firm support and is highly durable so great for everyday use. It is known as a bi-fold mattress and can also be used on a bed base.

      The superior Ultimate futon mattress has the following filling:

      • Wool
      • Felt
      • Rebound Polyester
      • Felt
      • Super Loft Polyester
      • Felt
      • Wool

      Cambridge Futons Ultimate mattress is slightly firmer and more supportive than other futons due to the central core of a super-loft polyester. This helps the futon retain its shape over time and adds a little bounce back.

      The Ultimate futon mattress can also be upgraded to the Cotton Rich Ultimate Futon Mattress. This gives the appearance of a mainly Cotton futon having a white, fresh look with a Cotton smell. This makes the Cotton Rich a very popular product as Cotton is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

      Our high quality futon mattresses are all handmade at our factory in beautiful village of Woodbury in Devon.


      Double - 4'6 x 6'3 / 140 x 190 cm

      King - 5' x 6'6 / 150 x 200 cm